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Painting Lessons

My very first painting. Still trying to get my mom to hang in on her fridge.

I’m a sufferer of what I like to call squirrel brain. Because I’m always on the hunt for food, yes, but also because I can’t sit still and I’m always looking for something new to fixate on. I have more interests than Netflix has TV programming to offer. I’ve tasted the waters of everything from writing fanfiction, to writing novels and blogs, to learning French, to practicing yoga, to self-teaching myself photography, to a still-lingering obsession with the Romanovs, to living in infinite intrigue about the cosmos and life outside of our little planet. Recently, I’ve expanded my curiosity into the art of painting and just as with everything else, I can’t ever just scratch the surface and taste it. I dive so deep I can’t even see the rays of light peeking through the surface anymore. (more…)

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